why OTCs?

Loaded with Benefits
OTCs are viable, credible and “no less than” any other postsecondary option. They are focused on building better futures for their learners. They are one of several recognized and valued options on an individual’s educational journey – not a “less than satisfactory” alternative to something perceived by some to be more desirable. 

Here are some reasons why OTCs may be right for you:


OTCs are officially
accredited institutions of
learning and training.


OTCs are a cost-effective
option to education/training
beyond high school.


OTCs collaborate with
local employers to offer
customized training.

In FY 2021, the Ohio Department of Higher Education reported that students earned and passed 13,777 industry credentials, state licenses, and technical assessments.

“The program was awesome and the hands-on was phenomenal. I would
encourage anybody and everybody to don’t give up. If you want something you’ve
got to fight hard for it.”

-Renee Gibson, OTC Program Graduate (Lorain County JVS)

Impacting Ohio's Economy

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In FY 2021, the Ohio Department of Higher Education reported that:

  • 81% of those enrolled in a technical program received a Credential or Certificate, state license or passed a technical assessment upon completion
  • 96% of those completing a technical program are employed

Get trained!

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