why OTCs?

Loaded with Benefits
OTCs are viable, credible and “no less than” any other postsecondary option. They are focused on building better futures for their learners. They are one of several recognized and valued options on an individual’s educational journey – not a “less than satisfactory” alternative to something perceived by some to be more desirable.

Here are some reasons why OTCs may be right for you:

  • OTCs offer programming in skilled trades (e.g., HVAC, EMT, law enforcement, IT, Health Care etc.).
  • OTCs offer customized business consultation services to companies.
  • OTCs are officially accredited institutions of learning and training.
  • OTCs award industry-recognized certificates.
  • OTCs offer a broad range of career training programs.
  • OTCs work closely with local employers to offer customized training.
  • OTCs are as viable and valuable as a college or university.
  • OTCs provide a cost-effective option to education/training beyond high school.
  • OTCs offer flexible education/training options that fit a busy adult lifestyle.
  • OTCs provide education/training that provides a sound, quick return on students’ investment.
  • OTCs enable adults to qualify for higher wages.
  • OTCs enable adults to qualify for a wider range of career opportunities.
  • OTCs offer opportunities to learn from industry experts.
  • OTCs provide knowledge and skills needed for highly technical jobs and careers.
  • OTCs provide hands-on, experiential education and training.
  • OCTs are strongly market-driven – preparing students for current, local, in-demand jobs.
  • OTCs enhance employee talent and elevate businesses within a region.
  • OTCs meet the diverse education/training needs of nontraditional students.
  • OTCs have impressive, enviable, student success data.

In FY 2019, the Ohio Department of Higher Education reported that 15,004 students earned an industry credential, 5,189 students earned a state license, and 1,390 students earned a technical assessment – for a total of 21,583 credentials.

In FY 2019, the Ohio Department of Higher Education reported that:

  • 76% of those enrolled in a technical program received a Credential or Certificate upon completion
  • 88% of those completing a technical program are employed
  • 15% of those completing programs were nontraditional students

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