What’s in it for you?
OTCs are highly focused on urgent, current in-demand local workforce needs. We aim to create experiences that are as close as possible to working in the field, and we provide the most direct path to employment.

Are you a young jobseeker in your 20s?
OTCs provide flexible, timely programs that deliver immediate, lasting impact. Young job seekers value postsecondary education and training options that facilitate timely acquisition of knowledge, skills, credentials and return on investment. Ohio Technical Centers are well suited for individuals who desire flexible, quick-to-complete programs and immediate, short-term impact such as new or different occupations, increased wages or career growth.

Are you a jobseeker in your 30s or above?
OTC partnerships with local employers prepare you for real-world job opportunities and requirements. Prospects in their 30s who are changing jobs, losing jobs or seeking to improve their current jobs are searching for expanded real-world employment options. Ohio Technical Centers provide a direct pipeline to respected local employers and employability opportunities. Centers work closely with local employers to provide real-world job opportunities by improving job-seekers knowledge, skills and credentials.

Are you a parent of a prospective job-seeker?
OTCs have a great record of success – 96% job placement rate and 81% program completion rate. Parents of prospective students want nothing more than for their children to be successful in school and in life, and thus are keenly interested in clear indicators of student success – from quality educational credentials to a good job. Ohio Technical Centers provide a direct pipeline to employment and have impressive, enviable student success data.

Are you an employer seeking skilled, capable workers?
OTCs assure that you get exactly what you need from your local, and locally trained, workforce. Employees play an absolutely essential role in supplying a ready pool of quality job candidates with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in ever-evolving, in-demand jobs. From customized training for employees, to business consultation services, to industry-recognized certifications, Ohio Technical Centers are your assurance of getting just what you need from your local workforce.


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Each year, more than 25,000 adults enroll in OTC programs. The most recent program completion and job placement rates were 81% and 96%, respectively.

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