Robert Jindra

Cardiographic Tech at Polaris Career Center
Polaris Career Center Adult Cardiographic Technician Instructor, Robert Jindra, took a long road to Polaris. He worked 19 years as a catering sales director before he realized his true calling – the healthcare field. After being laid off from the catering industry, he enrolled in the Polaris Adult Education Cardiographic Technician program and graduated in 2012. He was immediately hired by Cardiac Diagnostic Services in Independence. He secured this position during his externship which took place prior to graduation.   “The externship allowed me to get my foot in the door, prove myself and get hired. That’s what sets this program apart from other programs in the area. It’s the Polaris advantage,” says Jindra.   Years later, he officially joined Polaris as the Cardiographic Technician instructor and has continued to work in the field. He is currently a Certified Holter Technician in the Electrophysiology Department at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. In January of 2021, he took on an additional role at Polaris as instructor of a new grant funded initiative in partnership with the Polaris Aspire program. This new 60-hour Cardiographic Technician program was offered tuition-free to students enrolled in the Polaris ESOL (English for Speakers of Other languages) program.