Payton Greer

Medical Assisting at Buckeye Career Center

Payton Greer is employed as a medical assistant at Trinity Medical Group-Dover Pediatrics. She was able to secure her job following the completion of the adult medical assisting program at Buckeye Career Center (New Philadelphia, Ohio). She completed the program following her time in the high school medical assisting program at Buckeye.

“I started as a junior in high school and continued all the way to adult education,” said Greer, who graduated high school in 2019 and then finished the adult program in 2020.

While it isn’t a prerequisite to complete a high school career-technical program prior to enrolling in the adult program, the decision to continue into postsecondary training helped Greer advance her skills even further.

“Buckeye Career Center had a huge impact on me. It allowed me to do so many things,” Greer said. “It gave me all of the skills I needed to be a medical assistant. It allowed me to grow as a person and expand my education.”