Deborah Shy

Cosmetology at C-TEC of Licking Co.

Deborah Shy, a recent graduate from our Adult Education Center’s Cosmetology program, passed her State Boards last November; she is now a licensed cosmetologist working in a local salon. What makes Deborah’s story so awesome is how she articulates her experience at C-TEC.

“I encouraged my kids to meet their goals, and then it was time for me to show them, and meet mine,” offered Shy of returning to school to become a cosmetologist. 

“It’s not too late. It is not easy either, sitting and learning with people half your age. I mean they did not know George Michael or Wham! for goodness sake. It is not easy trying to remember where I put my phone, my keys and now my homework…really…I can’t! But I DID. I overcame personal obstacles, remembered my homework, and educated my younger classmates on 80’s music. I am proud of myself! The good news is it’s not too late. My name is Deborah, and I am a C-TEC Adult Ed graduate.”