Ben Meddles

Public Safety at Tri-Rivers Career Center
Marion Township Fire Chief Ben Meddles has dedicated his life to public service in the Marion area. He began his Public Safety studies at Tri-Rivers Career Center three decades ago when he enrolled in a Volunteer Firefighter Training class. He completed that training and continued right on with his Basic EMT class. After completing those studies, he was employed by the Marion Township Fire Department where he continues to serve today. In 1993 Ben enrolled in our Paramedic Program. Chief Meddles began his career at Marion Township in 1989 as a part-time firefighter/EMT, then in 1992 he was promoted to dispatcher, in 1993 to a career firefighter, in 2004 he was promoted to lieutenant, and in July 2016 he became chief of the Marion Township Fire Department. Chief Meddles values lifelong learning and has received additional training throughout his career including hazmat training, technician level, water rescue technician, EOC training and advanced fire investigation training. As a lieutenant he was in charge of the water rescue team. He has conducted multiple water and ice-rescue trainings over the years. He continues to give back to Tri-Rivers by serving on our Public Safety Program Advisory Board.