Ashley Carnes

Dental Assisting at Polaris Career Center
When Ashley Carnes completed the Polaris Adult Dental Assisting program in 2011, she immediately secured a Dental Assistant position at Berea Family Dental, the same practice she interned with while attending Polaris.   “I chose Polaris because it has a great reputation. Employers want to hire Polaris students,” Carnes says.   Once she settled into her position in Berea, she returned to Polaris to work evenings initially as a dental lab instructor and now as co-instructor in the Adult Dental Assisting program. After working three years in the dental field, Ashley enrolled in the Case Western Reserve University Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) program and graduated in 2015. Berea Family Dental paid the full cost of her tuition. Carnes is a huge advocate for continuing education and brings a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and experience into the classroom. She’s a nationally certified dental assistant (CDA), state certified dental assistant (CODA) and also holds licenses in coronal polishing, nitrous oxide monitoring and radiography.  As an EFDA, she focuses on repairing and restoring teeth.  Ashley is thankful for the opportunities Polaris and Berea Family Dental have provided.   “Polaris was the biggest steppingstone ever! They were the driving force behind me enrolling at Case. Berea Family Dental has supported me throughout my career. I’m eternally grateful.”